Monday, March 31, 2014

Books to films- a poem

So a little while back I wrote a poem expressing my feelings on book to screen adaptations. I originally posted it on my other/inactive blog (, but I'd like to now share it with all of you! :-)

From books to films

Everyone says
That books can't be real
The characters can't be real
The plot can't be real
So they think the next best thing
Is to make a film
Pretend it's real
Pretend those events happened
Bring the story to life

But what happened to the good old imagination?
Why does everything have to be made into existence?
The author writes a book
Knowing the reader will interpret that
Into the way their imagination makes it
Because then
The book will be real
The characters will be real
The plot will be real.

So why would anyone want to set it the same for everyone?

So it's a but of a weird poem- I'm not very good at poetry- but I did like to write it and I hope you all liked reading it c;

See you next time!!!!!

Charlotte :-)

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  1. I really like this poem and agree with everything you said! So annoyed that almost every single popular YA book is being turned into huge movie franchises.


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