Monday, September 30, 2013

TTT 10/01: Top Ten Book Turn-Offs

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly bookish meme hosted by The Broke and Bookish. Today's prompt is: Top Ten Book Turn-Offs. 

A lot of times I get really pumped up about reading a book but then there's just something about it that really gets on my nerves and have to put down the book. So without further ado, here are my top 10 book turn-offs: 

1. Multiple POVs. 

Sometimes multiple POVs are done really well but when the narrators are just two similar to each other, it doesn't work for me. I always find myself having to go back to the page the chapter starts on to see who's
narrating it. Also, sometimes I really love reading from one character's POV, but absolutely despise the other characters and don't want to hear what they have to say. And as a result, I find myself skipping chapters just to read from the POVs I actually care about. (Ex: Allie Condie's Crossed. I didn't like Xander or Ky. At all. And they consisted out of 2/3 narrators throughout the novel.)

2. Annoying characters or in the worst cases, protagonist. 
One of the biggest book turn-offs is hating the main character. When I don't like the protagonist at all, I find myself making fun of the character like haha how stupid of her rather than focusing on the plot. 

3. Boring snooze fest

I just can't keep reading books that make me feel like Grumpy Cat.

4. Bad writing. 

When the writing is so bad that I'm correcting the sentences in my head instead of actually reading it, that's a sure sign for me to stop reading.

5. Too long 
Books can be long and still fab, like Harry Potter and Les Mis, but sometimes they're long, pointless, and a total snooze. Bloggers are busy people and we'd like authors to get to the point as soon as they can and stop farting around. 

6. Plot slow moving

Sometimes even the shorter novels have slow moving plots. A sure book turn-off for me though, is when I'm at page 30 and the narrator's name and gender have just been introduced. (this actually happened)

7. Too much talking/no action

I think we all know which book I'm talking about if I mention kissy-kissy speeches from sparkly people. 

8. Too much action and a pointless plot 

"What is happening right now and what is this even supposed to lead up to?"

9. Series dragging on too long 

There's always that one series that's been dragging on for so long that it's such a mush that even the biggest fans don't remember what happened in each individual book. I was the biggest fan of the Maximum Ride Series for the first four books, but after that it just became repetitive and I secretly prayed for it to end soon so that I could stop buying the books. 

10. No character development
When I talk about character development, I mean more the narrative. I love the Percy Jackson series to death and have been an avid fan since the fourth grade, but Percy is supposed to be getting older throughout the books, and his narrative doesn't show it. He still sounds eleven. *whispers* I still haven't finished The Mark of Athena.

What makes you put down a book? Comment below and share your top book turn-offs!

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