Friday, July 5, 2013

New Catching Fire Song


I came across this today; it’s a song called Never Let Me Go (there's a link at the bottom) and seems to be the first released song for the Catching Fire soundtrack. I’ve only been informed of it through Tumblr and Twitter so I have no idea if it’s been confirmed as an official piece of the soundtrack, and I’m not even sure of the singers on the track because it is simply labelled ‘Various Artists.’

In terms of the song itself, I do like it and the lyrics seem to work well but it doesn’t stand out to me hugely. It doesn’t feel as dynamic and urgent; as heart-pumping and meaningful as the Catching Fire teaser trailer feels, and I think it needs that. It doesn’t either have the quality that Safe & Sound, the main track from the THG soundtrack, possesses; the soft, sad, story-telling quality that grips you with whispering fingers and pulls you in.

I am, however, excited for more news about Catching Fire trailer and definitely looking forward to hearing more of the soundtrack and I trust that a great job will be done on the whole production after THG’s perfection.

- Lizzie

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