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Amanda's Top five TV Shows

Greetings fellow fangirls. Today, instead of reviewing a book, I am going to share my top five t.v shows, for t.v is almost as important as books when it comes to a fangirl's viewpoint. Since I have been happily married to Netflix and Hulu for about a year now, we have shared many touching moments, have gotten into many fights, and have cried countless times. So without further ado, I present to you the five shows that I hold closest to my heart.

1. The Vampire Diaries
Elena Gilbert and Damon Salvatore

I started watching this show about two years ago when I read an article about it in one of those teen magazines I was obsessed with at the time. The premise drew me in, along with the very good looking cast *cough cough* Ian Somerhalder. Elena Gilbert, portrayed by the talented and beautiful Nina Dobrev, is the main character in the show. Her, along with the two vampire brothers, Damon Salvatore (Ian Somerhalder) and Stefan Salvatore (Paul Wesley), form a complicated love triangle that divides the shows viewers into two loyal groups, Stelena and Delena. Besides the love triangle, the show has many other elements and lovable characters such as a teenage witch, a 1,000 year old vampire/hybrid, a vampire hunter by night, history teacher by day, and a loving younger brother. By adding these characters, the show is hard not to love for  there is something for everyone. Romance, adventure, action, suspense, one of the best love triangles  on TV, an amazing and talented cast, and a storyline that never gets old. Do yourself a favor and start  watching this show!

2. One Tree Hill
Lucas, Peyton, Hayley, Brooke, and Nathan
One Tree Hill is one of those shows that make me wish I lived in a small town like Tree Hill, North Carolina. The show, which has spanned over nine years and 180 episodes, follows the lives of five teens: Lucas and Nathan Scott, Haley James, Peyton Sawyer, and Brooke Davis. By having a show without supernatural or fantasy elements, One Tree Hill always felt more real and the characters have always been more relatable. When the show starts, the teens are in their Sophomore year in high school and by the time the show ends, all of the characters have grown up, had children, gotten married, and overall, became mature adults. As a viewer, I really enjoyed watching them grow up on the screen and I almost felt apart of their lives. OTH deals with all the issues teens are dealing with today such as love, drama, family issues, lying, betrayal, friendships, and so much more. Overall, One Tree Hill is a heart warming show that has it all.
 MAIN CAST: Chad Michael Murray, Hilarie Burton, Bethany Joy Lenz, Sophia Bush, and James Lafferty.

3. Supernatural
Dean and Sam Winchester

Meet Dean and Sam Winchester. Two brothers who fight all things supernatural. Whether it's a vengeful spirit or Purgatory's oldest monsters, these brothers have it all under control. The show starts when Dean, the oldest brother, finds Sam and pushes him to go on a road trip in Dean's beloved car, The Impala, also known as baby. What starts out as just a weekend road trip to find their hunter father, turns into a nine year adventure that leads Sam and Dean all over the country killing everything that goes bump in the night. Along the way, the brothers enlist the help of many unforgettable characters such as Bobby, they boys uncle, Jo and Ellen who are old friends, Castiel, an angel of the lord, and even a prophet named Kevin. Supernatural is an amazing show that is filled with characters that will stay with you long after the show is over. Filled with action, suspense, fantasy elements, and even humor, Supernatural is an amazing story about two brothers who ultimately just want to protect the world, and each other. MAIN CAST: Jensen Ackles, Jared Padalecki, Misha Collins.

4. Pretty Little Liars
Emily,Spencer,Aria, and Hanna
Pretty Little Liars, centered around four suburban teens whose lives are forever changed when their friend Allison disappears, has been a favorite of mine since it aired a couple of years ago. Set in the fictional town of Rosewood, Pennsylvania, PLL has it all. Murder, mystery, action, DRAMA, and tons of romance. One of the reasons why I love this show so much is that it never ceases to entertain me. The constant suspense always has me at the edge of my seat, guessing and predicting whats going to happen next for these four pretty little liars. The non stop romance on the show is also a contributing factor as to why the show is so popular. I mean, have you seen the boys of Rosewood?! The show is loosely based on the bestselling books by Sara Shepard, which I highly recommend reading because they too are page turners that leave me on the edge of my seat wanting more. So really, there is nothing not to like about this hit teen drama. So sit back, relax (well maybe not, it can get creepy at times) and enjoy this wildly popular and amazing show! MAIN CAST: Shay Mitchell, Ashley Benson, Lucy Hale, and Troian Bellisario

5. Castle
Beckett and Castle
Castle is just one of those shows that becomes so addicting that you just have to watch the next episode right away. Set in New York City, Castle centers around Richard Castle, a bestselling mystery writer who is trying to find inspiration for his newest novel. He finds inspiration in Kate Beckett, NYPD's finest homicide detective. Because of his friendship with the mayor, Castle is allowed to shadow Kate Beckett and her team of detectives as they solve crimes and catch killers. But, to both Castle and Beckett's surprise, the duo are perfect partners in crime. What starts out as just a way for Castle to write his book turns into a story far more complex and dramatic which leaves viewers hungry for more. Through the years the team has had to deal with kidnappings, a flying Santa, jealous husbands, serial killers,terrorists, and so much more which adds an equal amount of suspense and humor to the show.    Detectives Ryan and Esposito, along with Castle's teenage daughter, Alexis, and his mother, Martha are amazing supporting characters that viewers will easily fall in love with! Filled with crime, suspense, humor, and even romance, Castle is the perfect show for everyone to watch. MAIN CAST: Nathan Fillion and Stana Katic

Other favorites that didn't quite make the list:
6. Bones
7. Revolution
8. Psych
9. Revolution
10. Revenge


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  1. I absolutely loved these first 4 shows, but now they are getting a bit weird and far fetched unfortunately.


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