Friday, March 15, 2013

Book Review: The Hobbit

Bilbo Baggins, respected hobbit, was not the type to go out on thrilling adventures, just like any other hobbit. When a wizard and 13 dwarves show up on his doorstep one night, Bilbo is asked to embark on a journey, and is then hired as their thief. Their task is not an easy one; they want to retake a long lost treasure in a mountain. The treasure, and mountain, belongs to one of the dwarves, and has been taken by the dragon, Smaug. They embark on a thrilling journey, crossing mountains, enemy territory, and the mirkwood forest, known to be perilous. Bilbo starts out the journey a scared hobbit, but eventually proves himself to be quite the leader and a skilled thief. The group encounters several obstacles, and advance towards the mountain, though not always unscathed. 

(wrote this book review myself since I couldn't find a satisfying one)

After seeing the movie (well, the first of three, anyway) I was intrigued. I had always been a LOTR fan, (for noobs, that's Lord of The Rings) and had heard of The Hobbit, but never got around to reading the book. After seeing the movie three times, which I am not ashamed of, I knew I had the book on my bookshelf and
immediately picked up after getting home. I started it immediately after getting home from the third viewing. (BTW the movie was perfect. As if I already wasn't in LOVE with Martin Freeman from the British show, Sherlock.

An epic adventure which takes place before the LOTR stories, Bilbo Baggins becomes a hero and the subject of many tales. He proves himself a worthy leader and thief, and the entire journey could not have been possible without Bilbo's help. The hobbit's small size proves to be beneficial, and with the help of the ring he took from the creature gollum, Bilbo achieves the impossible.

Though the writing did become dry in some parts, the story was amazing. A surplus of details did not derail me from continuing the story. I loved the mix of suspense and thrill incorporated by Tolkien. He provides enough background information that helps the reader understand the historical events leading up to the journey. Filled with lore and magic, The Hobbit is a book anyone could read, anyone from ages 8 and up. 

I can see myself reading this book in the years to come. Needless to say, I cannot wait for the remaining two movies. There will be more than enough action and adventure to see. I know I will be first in line for the midnight premiers to experience the movies before the rest of the world. I definitely recommend this book, and even though it might get a bit dry, keep reading. You're in for quite a ride.

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