review policies

I am currently accepting books for review from authors and publishers!

My review policy is as follows: 
  • YA (any genre is fine)
  • Please note that self published novels might not be accepted.
  • The provider will need to send me either a hard copy (preferred) or an eBook file
My review consists of the title, author, date of publication, cover image, a rating out of 5, a thorough review of my thoughts, and three or more tweets about the novel to 5.4K followers on Twitter. Email me at to request a review.

Amanda's Review Policy
I will review any YA book, it just has to be a hard copy. My review will include a detailed description of the cover, title, synopsis, my thoughts, a recommendation, and a 1-5 rating. If you are interested in me reviewing a book, please email me at

Charlotte's Review Policy
Email to request a review. (Digital galleys preferred).

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