Sunday, June 22, 2014

Music Album Review: X (Ed Sheeran)

best. album. ever. 

Okay. So I know that this is a blog primarily for blogging about books and tv shows and fictional things, but this album is so unique in that listening to it feels like watching a movie or reading a story.

Ed Sheeran tells such great stories through his song lyrics. Seriously, his songwriting skills are so up top that listening to his songs make my heart feel bigger than my chest. 

Usually with music, most songs are very general and stray on the topic of love and relationships. I chose to write about this album because I felt that it stood out from all the other albums I have listened to. Each song tells a very specific story, almost like being it's own book, and the album covers a wide range of topics, from the early death of a loved one to running away from home.

You could say that Ed is basically an instrumental author and X is a collection of books.


  •  "dudEeEEEeeEE!!!!!!"
  • "MY EARS!!!"
  • "GROOOOOVY!!!!"

In short, listening to the album felt like my ears were eating a sixteen course meal at a five-star restaurant with head chef Ed Sheeran. 

My favorite songs of his from X are probably Mess, Runaway, Thinking Out Loud, and Afire Love. Probably. Maybe. I don't actually know if I can pick favorites. That's like picking a favorite book. There are too many that I love. 

If you enjoy acoustic, groovy music and stories, 10/10 would recommend this album.

featuring helena, alison, and cosima of BBC's Orphan Black jamming out to the album

a gif summary of how i feel about this album

You can buy the album starting June 23rd on iTunes or on Ed's official website.

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