Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Krystal's video blog idea

Hello fellow fangirls and fanboys!

I had a fun/silly idea for a video blog for this site after it came to light just how hard some of the words,character names and places are to pronounce in the books I read. I remember growing up and reading the Harry Potter series and not pronouncing Hermione and Sirius Black's names the right way. It wasn't until the movies came out that I saw how far off I was. And it made me laugh.

So in the comment section, send me any terms/words, character names, places, objects/tools or anything in literature that you have had a hard time pronouncing. And I will film myself attempting to say them the way I think they are meant to be said. And most likely, I will get a lot of them wrong. But it would be hilarious to see me try!

Thanks !!

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