Saturday, July 27, 2013

TMI movie excitment reactions for true fans (who've read the books)

Lets be honest right now. With the premiere of the City of Bones movie less then a month away, the excitement is really starting to set in. And while there is still a few weeks left to go, I am already imagining what the evening will be like when I go see the movie ( dragging my best friend with me, for whom I am paying for her ticket). And when I saw it all play out in my head, I realized the reactions would be very much the same as the reactions from most of you.

Scenario 1: Picture yourself in line outside your movie theater. Maybe you're dressed up like a shadowhunter. Or perhaps a vampire or werewolf. Or maybe you even went further and tried to pull off Magnus style of dress up. Either way, dressed up or not, I'm fairly certain that most everyone will be looking like this...facial wise.

Scenario 2:  Now, I hope everyone who goes to see the movie will be with friends or fellow fangirls/fanboys who have read the books and are just as excited as you are. But if you're like me and have no friends who have read the books or worse yet, friends who don't even like reading, but you're dragging them along because you want someone with you. You might have a problem trying to convey just how much you're looking forward to this

Scenario 3:  You take a moment while you're waiting to be seated and you see people who are outright acting like crazy people and they don't give  a crap! And that's when you know..You have found your real people!!!

Scenario 4: You finally get in the theater and you're sitting there waiting for it to start and you just 
know in your gut that it will be fantastic

Scenario 5: And then, the lights dim and the preview start and you lose your cool

Scenario 6: When the movie is playing and all is quiet. Then you start hearing random calls of "Incest" and you find yourself going to find your real people and when you do, you all are so happy!

Scenario 7: Things are going great, the plot is exciting, the cinematography is great. And then ...BAMMM ! There is Malec in living breathing form on the big screen

Scenario 8: And just when you think it can't get any more hot then that. What happens next? THE GREENHOUSE SCENE  !!

Scenario 9: The movie starts to get even more exciting, and you cant control yourself. You start screaming like you never saw any of this coming.

Scenario 10:And finally, the end of the movie comes. And no matter how many times you read the book, you keep thinking the end could somehow magically change. But of course it does not. And you react just like the rest of the audience

Don't try and deny it. If you are as obsessed with the books as I am ( and you know you are) then you should be prepared to behave in a manner against your own will. And if like me you're dragging a friend along who hasn't read the books, also be prepared to embarrass them by your crazy reactions

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