Friday, July 26, 2013

Less Than One Month..

It's coming.





It's almost here.

Time rushes past at the speed of light, yet it feels like it's still so far away.

Years. I have waited years for this. Now it's come down to a matter of days; not even one month left. It's less than that. Much less.

City of Bones. Yes. I get goosebumps at the mere mention of the name. Less than one month until we finally get to see The City of Bones on the big screen.

I have been following this book series ever since City of Bones was published back in 2009. I was in the Simon and Schuster website looking for books to read when I see a big ad at the top of the screen talking about the City of Bones. The cover looked exciting, and the reviews were all talking about how fantastic this book was. Naturally, as a 14 year old girl addicted to books, I knew this was a book I had to read. 

Then came the waiting. Waiting for the next book to come out. Time passed agonizingly slow, but every second was worth it, because I knew that soon I would be able to find out what was next in store for Clary, Jace, Simon, Izzy, and Alec. I fell in love with the world the shadowhunters lived in, and found myself trying to imagine what these runes would look like.

Suddenly, in 2012, I heard the most wonderful news a TMI fan could ever imagine: A movie. There was to be a movie made about one of my favorite book series. I screamed, cried, yelled, and sang. (I'm sure many of you went through the same emotions I did.) 
Then came more waiting. First, waiting to find out who was to play who. Then for the release date. Next for movie stills. So on and so forth. Now it's so hard to believe that there is LESS THAN ONE MONTH left until the movie is released!

You'd think I'd have run out of emotions by now. But no. Oh no. I am more excited than ever. Four years I have waited for this, and now it's come down to a matter of days. It is time to reread the book to freshen up my memory. It is time to buy the merchandise and draw runes on my arms with a sharpie. It's time to freak out. 

Wake up, shadowhunters all over the world. It is time to rejoice for our time to shine has come. The rest of the world will finally see what it is we have been raving about. We will laugh, cry, scream, and feel with the characters on screen come August 23rd. So get up and get ready. 

Our time has come.

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  1. I can't wait either! I can't believe the movie's coming out in 1 month :)


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