Tuesday, March 5, 2013

You know you're a fangirl if.....

Let's face it, we're all obsessive fangirls.  No matter how you slice it, our dedication to our favorite fictional character is at a level that teeters on insanity.  One moment we are productive members of society and then with just one read through of a favorite chapter or a look at a familiar quote does us in and we are off in a twister of madness, tears, obsession and feels.  Don't deny it, you know it's true.  Being a part of a fandom is one of the most fun and unique experiences you can have.  It opens up new levels to your personality that would never come out otherwise. You can become a whiz at social media even if  you never touched a computer before. You gain  friendships through Twitter and Tumblr even if you have social anxiety/and or phobia like me.  There are many benefits to being a crazy fan-girl.  But how do you know if you are indeed a true fan-girl? Let's just look at some of the evidence...

You know you're a fangirl if .....

- You quote the book on a consistent basis. And not just alot.  I mean as in every chance you get through out the day, in every conversation you have; you some how bring a quote from your favorite book into the topic at hand.  And you make no apologies for it.  Even when you get weird looks from your friends, your families, and complete strangers.  Your quoting gets so bad and so constant that people don't even listen to you anymore and just automatically tell you to shut your trap.

- You dress like the characters are described.  As in, you cannot go out in public without some form of your favorite characters clothing on you or wearing your hair in the way that they do or even carrying their signature prop. A.k.a Katniss's bow and arrows.

- You cast the movie based on a book long before the rights are even optioned.  Because in your mind, any book you freak out over would make an amazing movie and as you read, you're already picturing certain actors and actresses to play the main characters.  And you are obsessively trolling the Internet for any whisper of news to see if movie rights are bought

- When the movie is indeed optioned and then made, you proceed to tell yourself you will see it on opening night and then not again until the week after.  But that resolve lasts all of one day before you are back at the ticket booth demanding another ticket.  And you think that if you just get through one more viewing, see your book on screen one more time, then you can relax.  Then the lights come back on and you sit there thinking "OK, just one more...One more wont hurt." And upon return to the ticket booth, the ticket holder recognizes you coming and shakes their head, insisting you've had enough and closes the window in your face.

- You are fiercely protective of your characters to the point where you lash out verbally and sometimes physically if anyone dares to make any kind of negative remark about your precious babies.Your protector instincts go so deep that if anyone so much as admits to not reading the book, you give them the stink eye and refuse to speak to them for an entire month.  If your ship is being attacked, you throw yourself at people's legs screaming "YOU CAN'T SINK MY BATTLE-SHIP!!"

- On most days you are so consumed by feels that you cannot drag yourself out of bed and just stay under the covers, crying uncontrollably until you have soaked your pillow and are forced the throw it away. Your family comes in trying to console you but it is no use.  These characters have wormed their way into our hearts and there is just no escaping it.

- As stated in the reasons above, you are already picturing the book being made into a movie and casting who would play who.  And when the news breaks, you are so excited about your characters coming to life, that if you meet the actors cast to play your character, you proceed to chase them down the street wanting to hug them

- You are so in love with fictional characters that it is impossible for you to have a functional real life relationship.  Will Herondale. Tobias "Four" Eaton.  Jace Herondale. Noah Shaw. Magnus Bane. Alec Lightwood. Daniel Dyer. Patch. Daniel. Ethan Wate. Men so fabulous and wonderful that we would rather hug and kiss our books featuring them, rather then go out and date living people.  There's just no contest. Book men = best relationship ever !!!

So there you have it.. Just some of the reasons that show the signs of true fan-girlism.

Happy Reading !!

By Krystal

All pictures and GIFS found on google, I DID NOT create them and I take no credit for them.

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  1. See that Bones and Kirk gif? Two of my babies are in that gif. Right there.


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